Squizroll® allows you to tighten and smooth your bands flat, with ease! It adapts to all finishing box handles on the market. Innovative tool, Squizroll® tightens and smooths all flat strips applied with a banjo, bazooka, splicer or any other applicator. Find the features and benefits of this brand new tool in the video.

Fixnivel® allows you to lay and level your tiles from 3 to 23 mm thick with joints from 1 to 4 mm wide without effort! The Fixnivel® leveling system ensures perfect support and perfect leveling between the tiles, while accelerating the installation for an exceptional result. How to lay your tiles with Fixnivel® spacer and corner clips? The explanations are in the video below.

The Tekroll® roller revolutionizes your aluminum joint tape applicator. Adaptable to all aluminum banjos on the market, Tekroll® assembles and mounts quickly and effortlessly. Discover all the Tekroll® applications installed on the Banjoroll® drywall banjo. Find out how to lay your band flat but also in the corners with this video.

TEKROLL® transforms the aluminum banjo, which, thanks to the notched rollers, unrolls the coated strip all by itself along the wall or the ceiling: no need to pull the strip by hand. Discover in video how to use Tekroll® and see the advantages it offers you, once mounted on a joint tape applicator.

Find the explanations for the assembly and assembly of the Tekroll® wheel. The latter fits on all aluminum joint tape applicators (banjos). It comes to be fixed on your banjo, for the application of joint tape flat and in the angles. The assembly is done simply and quickly, without effort. All the explanations you will need to mount the roulette on the banjo can be found in this video.